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Because when we opened you, we saw some damage on your ribs, and we didnt dare touch any of that., "I explained that it was from a match I had with Manny Fernandez. I felt death and thought the end was near, but God saved me.". He was 53 years old, and is survived by his wife and three children. First reported by The Hamilton Spectator, we now know that Croitoru died in a Toronto halfway house, possibly of respiratory failure. Can you imagine the look? It was Marzino who did jobs for all the top notch wrestlers in the business at the TV tapings, so Savoldi should have had Marzino go over with these old timers, so he would appear to look 1/2 decent when he did do the jobs for the big shots at the TV taping. He began wrestling professionally in 1953 and retired in 1977, having worked in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. I seem to recall a Saturday morning TV match in which he wrestled Orndorff and came out wearing a shirt that said Paula, which made Orndorff crazy. Two Rivers was born in Kahnawake, Quebec, on May 5, 1935. Crossroads League Gold Glove Right Fielder (2022) . "If you dont know by now, people are so stupid. Hugo continued, "What happened was very dangerous. But that would not be all, since Johnny Rivera confessed that it was on April 7 that he and his brothers requested the accounting from their mother's companies, and exactly one month later, his aunt Rosie Rivera uploaded a video to their social networks where he informed that he would resign as CEO of . Jose Luis Rivera Those of us who are really old school remember that Rivera was known as Mac Rivera in his early days. competitive matches against Andre the Giant,Bruno Sammartino and Paskelbta 16 birelio, 2022. johnny rivera wrestler 11/9/77; Hamburg, PA; Fieldhouse 11/19/77: That night Vince Jr. was there and Vince Jr. changes it. Since the tapings were in Brantford, Ontario, a lot of the Southern Ontario guys were on the show. View all concerts. The Mohawk people objected to the plan to cut down a sacred grove of pines and build on their burial ground. While wrestling, he was still involved in promoting wrestling events, as well as beginning college. With that disclaimer, we have strived to provide relevant information to help you, the reader, decide what really happened during this notorious encounter. This helps us provide free content for you to enjoy! That knee must have broken ribs, perforated a lung, maybe even his liver or spleen! wolfman farkus? On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Real Name. Amongst all the shocking theatrics of that evening and decades later, there is still much debate about what happened. Marzino a young guy in his twenties had to put the old man Altamore over in his 50s. So, I knew I had to get in there and get out as fast as I could. This is awesome, however theres a whole batch of job guys that were stars in their territories before vkm got them. You said you had a plan going into it. Rivera and Marino defended the belts successfully against teams like Killer Kowalski and Waldo Von Erich, as well as Kowalski & Krippler Karl Kovacs. To call him a jobber does not do him justice or serve history correctly. We welcome newcomers as well as wrestlers with previous experience. Rivera Jr. vs. Beal Francisco Rivera Jr., TKO, R1 Both are washed af but Cisco has more in the tank than beal does, despite the age difference Jerry Calhoun would eventually unlock the cage door & count the pin for Lawler. After a temporary visit to Puerto Read Full Biography. Dundee would accept the metal briefcase & then nail Riviera & Bradford with it before taking off with the money. Most Outstanding Wrestler: Ruben Gray, Peekskill - 285-pound champion as 14-seed Sportsmanship Award: George Wright, Hen Hud Full brackets ( if window below doesn't load or display properly . Either way, the fans bought that Hanson was tough, and even the way Vince McMahon would talk about Hanson during matches implied he was someone to take seriously as an opponent. Here is the schedule and scoreboard for any . On the July 14 episode of USA Championship Wrestling, Dundee would appear for an interview with the briefcase, before being confronted by Riviera. Bill Berger was my brother. And Invader 3 sticks with his side of the story, insisting that the injuries he sustained were 100% legit and confirmed by his doctor. Not to be confused with Invader 1 . New York City, New York ( United States of America) Your Comment on Pete Snchez. RT @beyondwrestling: We had a massive turnout at @BIOProWrestling last Wednesday night in Worcester! A rich WWF jobber history. I think MSG also enforced an 11 oclock curfew during cards, so that if wrestlers were in the ring at 11 p.m., the bell rang to end the match. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Where was the mentality in that? Matt Riviera also obtained a college degree in broadcast journalism, graduating from Harding University out of Searcy, Arkansas in 2006.[1]. He died of complications from a stroke in 2001 at age 54, if I remember right. Internet Wrestling Database. I remember Rudy Diamond well. Mike Jackson in Georgia. jumanji monkeys in police car; mount morrison south ridge trail; preston pippen college basketball. I believe that match is on Youtube now. Profile & Match Listing Facts & Stats PWI Ratings Opponents & Partners Win/Loss Record Star Ratings Win Types Relations PPV. Bronx, New York City, U.S. School Links. So, my mindset was, One of these guys is going to pay for it one way or the other., I got back, and I said, This has got to be done., I planned it out; my wife was a flight attendant for U.S. Air; I had my ride, did my thing, and got the hell out of there.". He and Tony Atlas challenged for the Tag Team Titles against champs Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito (and there were always rumors that the team was going to win the straps before Atlas got in the doghouse for some reason). Virginia.He was once in a chain match against Lord Zoltan in 1977.Not much The Iron Empire lost the NWA World Tag Team Championship to Kazushi Miyamoto and Rob Terry in Tokyo, Japan on February 23, 2017. Meanwhile, through all the histrionics, the announcers were either playing their role to the hilt or unaware of where all this was going. Although there was a huge contrast in styles and body types, tagging with the Giant was his fondest wrestling memory. Riviera and Lawler would next meet on February 16 at USA Championship Wrestlings Thunderdome event in Jackson, TN in a Thunderdome Cage Match. Recruits Add Event Add Wrestler Add Recruit. AJ Bordenet (12) INF - 2022: Made an impact as a freshman starting in 45 of 50 games played . information about Berger or Three Rivers Wrestling Association is avalable now.I once bought an obscure Wrestling Revue magazine in the early 80s- Petruzzi, Ron Shaw, the Black Demon, and Charlie Fulton. He began promoting wrestling events under the name of Global Pro Wrestling. In the first couple of years of the WWF expansion, a lot of the WWF TV jobbers were former high-card wrestlers from Maple Leaf Wrestling. After the third knee, wrestlers Miguelito Perez, TNT (Savio Vega), Huracn Castillo Jr., and The Youngbloods stormed the ring to aid their fallen comrade. (111 kg) at 5'11'' (1.80 m) Birthplace. Clover lost the match without Hart or Niedhart getting in the ring, so Jimmy Hart had them beat the snot out of him for losing. All I can tell you is Marzino was very good friends with Savoldis girlfriend Joann, so if that had anything to do with it I dont know. January 30, 2023 Monday Night RAW results; January 31, 2023 NXT results; February 1, 2023 AEW Dynamite results La Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame una delle Hall of Fame di wrestling; la sua particolarit che esiste solo sulla carta, non essendo prevista alcuna cerimonia di introduzione.. A differenza di quanto accade nel baseball o nel basket, nel mondo del wrestling professionistico non esistono Hall of Fame che prevedono che sia un gruppo di esperti del settore (indipendenti dalle . Ponyo 15th Anniversary - Studio Ghibli Fest 2023 movie times and local cinemas near Pico Rivera, CA. Also, even though they were good friends, I cannot help but think that Marzino must have felt somewhat bad about being a doormat to The Duke (Doherty) so many times. Fighter Birthdays. He also lost about a dozen matches each to Jose Estrada, Jose Luis Rivera and Johnny Rodz (never winning even one against any of them), and even made a winner out of wrestlers like Tony Colon, Angelo Gomez and Steve King! Dont forget Len Kruger, John Callahan, and Chuck Tanner. I dont want to look anymore; Ive never seen anything like this. But the good thing about wrestling is its not a professional sport per se, more entertainment, they are allowed to take hormone replacement. Matt Riviera (born May 18, 1983), is a Semi-retired American professional wrestler and podcast host. The attack was so convincing he asked if Invader 3 had survived. not on this list? Nonetheless, he was respected during this final run and The song features shout outs to WWE women wrestlers Ronda Rousey, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, and Nia Jax. World Wide Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Federation (19651985), Canadian International Heavyweight Championship, "Dying to Drop-Kick And Body-Slam, And Make It Pay", "The Profane Teachings Of Johnny Rodz, The Wrestler Who Jobbed His Way Into The Hall Of Fame", "WrestlingClassics.com Message Board: Elektra Talks about the death of her ex husband Big Dick Dudley on Chairshots radio", "Tales From The Mat Presents: Masha Slamovich's Life Sequestered Abroad In A Joshi Dojo", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Johnny_Rodz&oldid=1142494273, 20th-century African-American sportspeople, African-American male professional wrestlers, Professional wrestlers from New York (state), Professional wrestlers from New York City, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, NCW Heavyweight Championship (1 time, last), The Heartbreakers (Heartbreaker Apollo and Heartbreaker Adonis), The Wildcats (Mike Anthony and Dobby Gillies), The Starr Corporation (Bouncer Bruno and Victor the Bodyguard), The Huertas Brothers/The Invaders (Maelo Huertas and, Salt 'n' Pepper (Derrick King and Stan Lee), The Texas Outlaws (Todd Dean and Brian Gamble), D'Jour Twins (Dave D'Jour and David D'Jour), This page was last edited on 2 March 2023, at 18:29. Riviera stated in a press release: I seriously appreciate the support that I have received for the duration of my time as an active talent and promoter in pro wrestling. Weight and Height. This happened at a small venue in Catao where Capital Sports Promotions, now known as WWC, had their TV tapings. Rodz has trained many students who have gone on to have successful careers in and out of the ring for various wrestling promotions, serve as high-level executives at television networks, and some even went on to become high level government officials at agencies such as FDA and FDIC. The Big Show Takes Care of a Heckling Fan, Lands Himself in Court, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Nasty Boys Fight in Front of Fans, Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash: Their Heated Backstage Fight, Michel Martel The Tragic Passing of Rick Martels Brother, Sam Sheppard How a Murder Inspired a Wrestling Career, Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk: Their Real-Life Fights, How Randy Orton Got Mr. Kennedy Fired from WWE, Jack Donovan Deal One of Wrestlings Most Heinous Attacks, 4 Times a Fan Unexpectedly Ambushed a Wrestler, New Jack and the Soft Drink Concession Stand Incident, Vaders Shocking Rookie Error Against Bruiser Brody, Ric Flair and Mick Foley Their Real-Life Backstage Encounter. In 2015, Matt Riviera decided to team up with former WWE star as well as 2 time National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway. [8] The team would go on to face the top teams in the NWA and are the current champions. MMA Junkie: Bellator champ Johnny Eblen 'would really enjoy' a middleweight grand prix MMAFighting.com: UFC generated 'record revenues' in 2022 including 'the best sponsorship year ever' It strikes me that one could divide the aforementioned names into two groups: the pseudo jobber, such as DeNucci, Lee, Rodz, and Estrada, who actually mounted a fair amount of offense and, in the process, served as a stepping stone for opponents seeking main card status; on the other hand, there is the legitimate jobber, such as the Irish Terry Gibbs of the world, who served as little more than a human punching bag to get heat from the crowd (in the case of a villain) or showcase a faces talents. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Johnny_Rivera&oldid=1092217870, This page was last edited on 8 June 2022, at 22:09. Youve mentioned all the WWF jobbers I could think of Tony Zane and the Mulkeys in the NWA. [19], Two Rivers' name has entered popular culture in many forms. [2], He served as the curator of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum section for First Nations wrestlers, "War Chiefs of the Mat". He also began his first foray into promoting professional wrestling events at the age of 17 after meeting his mentor, wrestling trainer and promoter Bill Ash. Palumbo is a noted nutritionist to such WWE performers as Steve Austin, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. [1] That same year, he also teamed with a rookie Dino Bravo to challenge The Mongols (Geto & Bolo Mongol) for the IWA World Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately, said upper-tier talent never showed up. The spectacle that night between Manny Fernandez and Invader 3 was both horrific and unforgettable. "Did Manny have something hidden in his knee pad? 11 yr. ago. Wildfire Tommy Rich, wearing a referee shirt attempted to take the key from outside official, Jerry Calhoun, before being stopped by Dangerous Doug Gilbert. 1996. Started 34 games as a shortstop, while finding playing time as a For a time, he also worked with Mike and Gene LeBell's NWA Hollywood Wrestling in the 1970s. Salvatore Bellomo Bellomo was another fella who seemed on the verge of being a star but never hit it big. The fans dont just watch wrestling; they live it! Pro Wrestling Enterprises/Arena Publishing, Inc. -. He is formerly one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions with Rob Conway as the tag team The Iron Empire. If anyone remembers wrestling from the Capitol Arena (Washington, DC) 1960-1965, with announcer Ray Morgan, we certainly had our share of jobbers getting their butts kicked by the best in the business. Those are acceptable, you know, and a lot of the wrestlers do do it, yknow, its not for me to say whos using what, but theyre very minimal doses.. 18 Man Battle Royal: The Valiant Brothers (Jerry Valiant, Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant) defeat Bulldog Brower and Chief Jay Strongbow and Dave Darrow and Dominic DeNucci and Hussein Arab and Ivan Putski and Johnny Rivera and Johnny Rodz and Jose Estrada and Larry Zbyszko and Moose Monroe and Pete Doherty and Pete Sanchez and Swede Hanson and Ted DiBiase and Tito Santana Especially Masao Hattori, who has known me since 79. Mr. Hito was fantastic. Its the only way its going to come out. Higgins Jr. was selected to the first team, Taylor is a second team honoree and Whitney-Sidney lands on the third team. Brother, I started a full-scale riot with Carlos Colon, ended up with stitches right here that almost lost my lip. A total professional, the Little Giant of Mayaguez. He sacrificed himself for the good of Capital Sports Promotions. I dont know much about what happened to Rivera since he stopped wrestling in the WWF. [16], Two Rivers was the father of British fashion designer, Wayne Hemingway. Its interesting how the mat psychology worked, particularly in the 70s, 80s and 90s. After leaving the WWF, he feuded with Pedro Morales in Hawaii and California. Riviera had also picked up a victory in a match against Buff Bagwell, earlier in the evening, after Arn Anderson interfered in the match by delivering a Spinebuster to Bagwell, allowing Riviera to get the pin fall.[12]. One of the foremost reasons Bill Apter has lasted five decades in this business is his consummate professionalism and respect towards the wrestlers. Vctor Rivera (born May 25, 1944) is a retired Puerto Rican professional wrestler. Petrucci? Track artist. The following year, he returned to the United Kingdom, where he stayed to wrestle until late in 1974. [1], With George Becker, Two Rivers held his first championship belt. Ha, well I do mention Pete Doherty above, although Golden Terror was more a 70s guy than an 80s guy. The No. Matt Riviera debuted for Diamond Stars Wrestling on September 25. Although Bruiser Brody died two months after the above-discussed match, Manny either purposefully distorts his timeline when speaking about the match, or he believes all of this happened after Brodys death. Chris, you can blame that on Angelo Savoldi! In the late 1960s, Rivera wrestled in Los Angeles' Worldwide Wrestling . Once outside, the cameras and some concerned fans looked on and followed the group of wrestlers as they looked to place Invader 3 in a car instead of an ambulance. He landed flush with his right knee above Invader 3s stomach. Fred Marzino was the ultimate jobber to the jobbers. It looks like hes going to pass out with all that blood loss. This colors their shows with a throwback feel also found in countries like Mexico and Latin America. Rudy Diamond, along with Fred Marzino, they were two of the best jobbers at that time period. (Use code PWS for a nice surprise). He worked against such wrestlers as "Wild Bull" Curry and Larry Hamilton. During that last WWF run in the 80s he lost alot of After being told at the age of 15 that he was too young to legally being training as a professional wrestler, Riviera began doing everything he could to get his foot in the door of the wrestling business such as creating wrestling programs. He has stated that he was a "journeyman" wrestler rather than a major star, and that people wanted to see him because he was "an attraction". This was after Schultzs 20/20 debacle, and he was obviously out of favor with the company. cake. [9], On September 16, 2017 at CWA WrestleRaise III in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Matt Riviera interfered in the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title match between NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion, Tim Storm and Jerry Lawler, subduing Lawler with an ether rag, and allowing Storm to pin Lawler to retain the title. There arent many names I forget from the 80s when writing this blog, but I havent thought of Sylvano Sousa in years. They held the title for three months before dropping them to the team of Mr. Moto and Duke Keomuka. Thanks for writing. Marian Single Season By the time he got to the WWF in the 1980s, he was close to retirement. "First of all, I think they were more shocked, Manny added. John Rodriguez[3] (born May 16, 1941) is an American former professional wrestler. Lawler would pick up the pin fall victory after throwing a massive fireball in Rivieras face, making Lawler the new Arkansas Heavyweight champion. General Information. Matt Riviera was on the show as his net worth was 5.5 million dollars. Youre right, he was a classic jobber who for a while seemed to be a pushed star, but settled into the prelim matches. Eddie Gilbert Gilbert was often on the losing end of matches to the star heels in the early 80s, although he did get a rub from Backlund when the Masked Superstar attacked Gilbert with the corkscrew neckbreaker on the floor and Backlund helped him out. In the late 1960s, Rivera wrestled in Los Angeles' Worldwide Wrestling Associates (which later became NWA Hollywood Wrestling in 1968), where he won the WWA World Tag Team Championship with Pedro Morales. So was the Cuban Assasin. the interviewer prodded. Everything was going his way. Poor Freddie Marzino. Rudy is from Boston, Mass. He started wrestling in 1957 and Paybacks a brothers way. 245 lbs. He learned English in school, which was only available until eighth grade. Johnny Rivera is considered one of the premier Junior light heavyweights to come out of Puerto Rico. And I had a bottle of shampoo in my hand- whatever I could do with that! Matt Riviera had his first professional wrestling match in 2001 for the Arkansas Association of Wrestling by teaming with Running Wolf to take on the team of Frank Thornton and "Big" Wes Jones. The Japanese, they changed my ticket around. However, Palumbo went on to state that WWE wrestlers were allowed to take growth hormones, such as HGH, which are banned substances in all professional sports in the United States. Date Of Birth: Unknown. He began wrestling professionally in 1953 and retired in 1977, having worked in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. [18] His latest appearance in a movie was in the 2011 thriller, Happy Hour. He defeated Iowa's three-time national champion Spencer Lee twice in 2019, including a dramatic sudden victory win in the Big Ten final. Was there real heat between Savoldi and Marzino? How about a little love for The Golden Terror. Oh, yes, Kim Clover funniest thing I ever saw happen to a jobber. I guess they were watching me.. Screen. On January 1, 2021 Matt Riviera officially announced his retirement from professional wrestling. While reading his reactions, an unavoidable wry smile came upon this authors face; wrestling can still solicit such reactions. He played a major role in blockading the Honor Mercier Bridge during the 1990 Oka Crisis. However, at age 21, Riviera stuck with wrestling as he trained for six months as well as attended wrestling school for four months. He served a lot of the Hispanic heels well, losing several matches each to Johnny Rodz, Jose Estrada, Jose Luis Rivera and Sylvano Sousa. To this day, it affects me when we talk about Frank [Brusier Brody]. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Rivera would join forces with Andre the Giant in 1977. Thats because Fred Marzino was an excellent actor. Rivera was born in the Bronx, NY, and attended high school at Benjamin Franklin High School. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Ha, someone called me out on Sharpe many years ago (and many comments down below). Two-time NWA Tag Team champion "Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez always prided himself as one of the businesss toughest wrestlers. Baron Mikel Scicluna Hailing from the Isle of Malta, Scicluna once held the WWWF Tag Team Titles with King Curtis Iaukea in the 1970s.